What Are End Effectors and Their Uses?

Within applications that feature robotics, end effectors are essential devices for their proper functionality. With end effectors, robots are able to interact with various components, ensuring that they can carry out desired operations with ease. However, one may wonder what end effectors really are, as well as how they are used, procured, etc. In this blog, we will discuss end effectors in brief detail, allowing you to gain a general understanding of these parts and how they are used within robotics.

As stated before, end effectors are what allows robots to interact with objects in their environment, and they can be understood as a “manipulator” or “end-of-arm-tooling.” This is because they are a part that is situated at the end of a robot’s arm. There is not just one type of end effector that can be used, and common types include mechanical grippers, pneumatic grippers, suction cups, weld torches, and magnetic grippers.

With these various options, robots can better conduct an assigned task with the effector of choice varying based on the application or task in question. As an example, one may install a gripper on a robot so that it can pick up and move boxes for pallet operations. For this specific task, one would either choose a mechanical or pneumatic gripper, though suction cups may be applicable as well depending on the materials present. Nevertheless, not all operations call for some type of gripper for object manipulation, as something like welding would not need such tools. Instead, a welding robot would have an end effector in the form of a welding torch. With these examples, one can better understand how end effectors make the difference between a fairly useless robot and one that can carry out intended tasks with ease.

To make the right purchasing decision, you should first consider your application and how it can be carried out. This is because a gripper or suction cup is better suited for material handling, assembly, sorting, and picking and placing items, while weld torches and lasers are best for welding. Additionally, you may even consider how items may be picked up or manipulated, allowing you to further narrow down a choice. Once you have determined your basic needs, make sure to explore different manufacturer options and models, as each may vary in its specific capabilities. For example, light-duty applications will not require as rigorous of end effectors, so you can save money with a less robust option.

Like all other technology and hardware, end effectors will need to be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that they function properly and as intended. Based on whether end effectors function through the use of electricity, fluids, or other means, the way in which you conduct maintenance may differ. It is important that you consider maintenance needs prior to making an investment, as you would not want to purchase a solution that is not compatible with your system, infrastructure, or operations. Nevertheless, maintenance is often fairly straightforward, generally consisting of cleaning, gearsing, replacing seals, bearings, and springs, and checking for leaks.

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