When deciding between various drills for work on masonry and other materials, the hammer drill and rotary hammer are both optimal choices. Despite this, each slightly differs in its capabilities, the rotary hammer providing increased power and hammer-only modes while hammer drills excel in quick drilling with minimal effort. To find which tool option is best for your particular application and requirements, one should familiarize themselves with each and their functionality.

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When measuring various electrical components for resistance, continuity, capacitance, temperature, and more, the various multimeters, clamp meters, and other equipment types provided by Amprobe can be highly beneficial. When measuring AC and DC voltage or current, Amprobe equipment can ensure that electrical equipment always functions optimally and as intended with their capabilities. In this blog, we will discuss how such tools can be used for measuring the voltage and current of electrical components, allowing you to best manage the wellbeing and performance of your systems with ease.

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As we are ever reliant on electricity to fuel daily applications, one may wonder what happens when there is too much incoming electricity overloading a circuit at once. In such instances, electrical protection devices like fuses and circuit breakers are specially designed and implemented to prevent circuit overloads. If not applied, electrical circuits without precautionary measures are susceptible to overflows in electricity. When unmitigated, an overflow can result in an electrical unit short-circuiting, potentially causing a fire within itself and in its surroundings, resulting in a hazard for nearby individuals. Posing as a safety device for circuits within electronics, homes, commercial buildings, and a variety of other circumstances, we will discuss how fuses and circuit breakers differ and why they are an integral part in maintaining electrical safety.

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Fasteners are paramount for the construction of aircraft to ensure that assemblies are secured together with high strength. A standard aircraft will often utilize a grand number of fasteners with models such as the Boeing 787 containing around 2.4 million fasteners for a single model, those of which account for around half of their total parts. Out of these 2.4 million fasteners, almost 80% come in the form of rivets, those of which are permanent mechanical fasteners that can support tension and shear loads. In order to install rivets, an individual will often rely on an air hammer rivet gun to drive each rivet into a joint.

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