What Are Blind Rivets and How Do They Work?

Blind rivets are a fundamental type of fastener, offering a versatile and efficient solution for joining materials where access to the rear side of the workpiece is limited or impossible. These fasteners have become a staple in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, construction, and manufacturing, due to their ease of use, reliability, and wide range of applications. As a component that many may come across in diverse settings, read on as we discuss the basics of blind rivets and their functionality.

Blind rivets, also commonly referred to as pop rivets or blind fasteners, are a special form of rivet that consists of two main components: a body and a mandrel. The rivet body is a hollow and cylindrical tube typically made of aluminum, steel, or stainless steel, while the mandrel is a thin rod inserted into the rivet body during installation. While these two largely elements define blind rivets, such components do come in various types and sizes, each being tailored to specific applications and material thicknesses.

To best understand how blind rivets work, it is useful to first discuss how a basic solid rivet, which features a solid shaft and a flanged head, is installed. To install a solid rivet, a hole is drilled through the materials to be joined, and the rivet is inserted into the hole from one side. A riveting tool, such as a rivet gun or a hammer and bucking bar, is then used to deform the exposed end of the rivet, forming a second head and clamping the materials together. Solid rivets provide excellent strength and vibration resistance, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications in structural assemblies. Despite this, the method of installation requires access to both sides of an assembly, which is not always possible.

This is where the blind or pop rivet comes in. During installation, the blind rivet is inserted into the pre-drilled hole, and a specialized riveting tool, known as a pop riveter, is used to pull the mandrel through the hollow rivet body. As the mandrel is pulled, the hollow rivet body expands and compresses against the materials, creating a secure and permanent joint. Once the mandrel breaks off at a predetermined point, the installation process is complete, leaving behind a neat and flush finish. While the end result is much the same when compared to a solid rivet, blind or pop rivets can be installed from a single side.

Aside from basic variations in size and shape, there are numerous subtypes of blind rivets available on the market, each being designed and engineered to meet specific requirements. Multi-grip pop rivets, for example, feature a unique design that allows them to accommodate a range of material thicknesses, reducing the need for multiple rivet sizes. Structural blind rivets, on the other hand, are engineered for high-strength applications and are commonly used in aerospace, automotive, and construction projects. Aside from such examples, there are many other options that are available, making it important that one takes the time to determine what is best for their needs.

The versatility and capabilities of blind rivets make them indispensable in various industries and applications. From assembling aircraft components to joining automotive body panels, blind rivets offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for fastening materials securely and efficiently. If you find yourself in need of blind rivets or other various forms of fasteners, look at our stock on Parts Circuit.

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