Different Types of Standalone Freezers

While freezers are often appliances that many take for granted, they are a relatively new technology that became more widespread following World War II. In modern days, they have become a staple of countless businesses and homes, allowing for meats, frozen foods, and other perishable items to be preserved with ease. Freezing food is important for health and safety when one buys in bulk, as unprotected food can lead to the growth of bacteria and mold. While more industrial settings feature largely constructed freezer rooms, a standalone option is perfect for saving money and space. In this blog, we will discuss the most common types of freezers, allowing you to determine the best fit for your particular needs.

Chest freezers are one of the most common and economically-feasible options, typically coming in the form of a large chest with a hinged lid that opens upwards. These freezers are placed within storage rooms, utility rooms, and other larger spaces as they require more area with their bulky designs. Chest freezers are not always necessary as they tend to be best for larger items that are unable to fit into the typical freezer compartment of a standard-sized refrigerator. Furthermore, chest freezers are often devoid of any fans, meaning that they have lower air circulation that results in temperature inconsistencies. To best preserve your perishables, the largest items should be placed near the bottom of the chest freezer where temperatures are the lowest.

When convenience is desired, drawer freezers are another common option that one may take advantage of. Drawer freezers can be designed in many ways, some being stainless steel to match kitchen appliances while others may be customized to match cabinets and other assemblies. As drawer freezers are intended to be placed within a kitchen setting for easy access, they are typically built to be cabinet high, allowing them to sit flush with existing furniture.

Upright freezers are fairly similar to chest freezers, albeit featuring a hinged door that opens similarly to a refrigerator. Upright freezers may also be placed within garages, utility rooms, and basements, and they offer easy access to frozen foods and products without needing to bend over or dig through piles. Instead, all foods are placed on shelves. This does lead to one downside, as keeping the door open for a long period of time can rapidly cause temperature fluctuations. Nevertheless, their ease of cleaning and maintenance makes them a fairly good option for various needs.

The final major type of standalone freezer is the portable freezer, and these are the most transportable options that provide flexibility without sacrificing quality. Portable freezers use AC or DC power to operate, and they sometimes can even be powered with the cigarette lighter outlet of an automobile. As a result, portable freezers provide a solution for outdoor activities and spaces where power options may be fairly limited.

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