The Importance of Gas Detection for the Aviation Industry

Airplanes encompass confined spaces which can turn into combustible, oxygen-enriched or oxygen-deficient chambers at the slightest mishap. This is where the role of gas detection sensors becomes prominent, as they allow the maintenance of optimum gas levels to preemptively avoid instances of in-flight explosion, considering overall aircraft safety.

A typical gas detection system works by giving early warning signs of a newly developing toxic or flammable atmosphere. They are also designed to initialize corrective measures to reduce escalation, such as depressurization and complete systemic shutdown. Oxygen gas sensors are of particular importance in this regard. They are used to maintain near zero oxygen levels to eradicate all risks of in-flight explosion. With this information in mind, let us learn more about gas detectors in this blog. 

Safety Considerations with Gas Detection Systems Across Industries

Across various industries, such as automotive, aviation, food processing, mining, and chemical manufacturing, among others, the detection of toxic gasses by high-functioning gas monitoring systems depends on the following considerations:

  •      Individual Gas Characteristics

All chambers adjoining the one where the leak detector is installed should be thoroughly scrutinized, especially as far as the equipment and industrial processes in use are concerned. This is because gasses generated in these areas can flow into others, creating a potentially hazardous mix. For instance, a stockroom filled with carbon monoxide and a mechanical room that runs on combustible gasses (such as methane) can be influenced by propellants in heating elements or off-gassing elements from hydrogen-charging stations, enhancing the overall danger.

  •       Movement of Air

Induced or natural air currents can influence the behavior of an escaping gas, which is why sensors are encouraged to be mounted in ventilation ducts with relevant adaptors. Therefore, run-off areas, wind direction, and confined spaces within an enclosed space should be kept in mind during sensor installation. Furthermore, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) should be used for gas dispersion mapping to ensure that an escaping gas travels faster to all sensor locations.

  •      Environmental Conditions

Humidity and temperature can influence the performance of gas sensors negatively. This can spawn issues such as wide gaps in coverage to extremely high maintenance costs, both of which can wear down gas sensing systems in the long run.

  •      High-pressure Areas

Ideally, sensors should be placed nearest to all potential leak sources as possible. Nevertheless, it might be best to position sensors away from high-pressure areas in where high-pressure parts allow the formation of gas clouds. This can cause a high-speed jet of gas to pass through the sensor undetected.

  •      VOCs

Several industries require a rapid and accurate detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as benzene, methylene chloride, toluene, and xylene, among others, to prevent a gas in use from reaching toxic levels. This is where the role of photoionization detectors (PIDs) becomes prominent as they detect VOCs in exhaust gasses and other toxic emissions.


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December 20, 2022

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