The Different Types of Bolt Cutters

Bolt cutters, sometimes referred to as bolt croppers, are heavy-duty, hand-held tools that are used for the means of slicing through hard metallic objects. Generally, such tools are relied on for cutting through chains, bolts, rods, and padlocks that are difficult to remove manually, or such tools may be used for construction. While most variations have short blades and long handles, bolt cutters can differ from one another in their design based on their type. As a result, it can be beneficial to become familiar with the most common variations so that one may procure the right tools for their operation.

Rather than cutting into an object or material like a pair of scissors would, the clamping of bolt cutter blades concentrates an immense amount of force onto a small area, resulting in the material being crushed. Enabling humans to crush metal, the long handles and compound hinges of the tool provide more power to the jaws, significantly enhancing the force that is generated. As a result, one only needs to provide a decent amount of force to the tool itself, and the handle length will allow for the force to be applied over a longer distance before it is converted into a massive force on the smaller jaws.

As previously discussed, bolt cutters can be used for numerous applications, making them beneficial for a variety of industries. For shipping applications, bolt cutters are commonplace. Additionally, bolt cutters are also present within farming operations, electrical industries, and building processes for the means of cutting wiring and other materials. Bolt cutters also find many uses within construction, typically used for more repetitive tasks such as cutting through thick steel mesh panels.

There are a few common types of bolt cutters, all of which share common components such as jaws, blades, joints, adjustment bolts, handles, handle stops, and handle grips. Nevertheless, each will differ based on the shape of their blade, that of which defines the type. Center cut bolt cutters are multi-purpose tools, featuring four slanted blade edges that permit an equal amount of force to be applied to the material. Generally, center cut bolt cutters are used for rods, pipes, and thick cabling. With clipper cut bolt cutters, each blade’s upper face will be slanted down toward the flatter side of the jaw. As a result, a thin edge is produced for the means of concentrating a high amount of pressure. With such tools, nails, bolts, or screws can be cut through.

Angled bolt cutters are another popular option, featuring an angled head for the means of carrying out lower cuts. As a result of such a design, angled bolt cutters can slice through bolts and nails close enough to the surface of a material to almost make fasteners flush. For cutting wire cables, shear cut bolt cutters are relied on, featuring overlapping blades that slice materials similarly to a pair of scissors. While such examples are quite common, one may also procure numerous other types such as end cut, ratchet bolt, compact bolt, manual bolt, and hydraulic bolt cutters.

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