AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B Accredited
AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B Accredited

General Automation Parts - Industrial Components Catalogue

Looking for high-quality General Automation parts? Look no further than Parts Circuit! Our inventory of more than two billion new and obsolete parts includes a wide selection of items from various categories, including General Automation parts like 0 608 820 115, 0-811-405-007, 0-811-405-008, 0-811-405-153, 003N0063. These parts are always in stock and available for fast delivery at competitive prices.

At Parts Circuit, we take pride in our ability to secure lower costs and faster shipping times, even in AOG situations. Thanks to our vast purchasing power and international supply chain network spanning the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, we can get you the General Automation parts you need, when you need them.

Our commitment to quality and reliability is unwavering. As an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accredited business, we guarantee the highest industry standards for each part we sell. So, whether you need a replacement General Automation part or a component for a new project, Parts Circuit has got you covered. Revolutionize your parts procurement process today and experience the Parts Circuit difference. Contact us now to get started!

Part No. Description Manufacturer RFQ
0 608 820 115 4 DMC160, measuring transducer Rexroth RFQ
0-811-405-007 Proportional Driver Card Bosch RFQ
0-811-405-008 Proportional Valve Driver Card Bosch RFQ
0-811-405-153 Amplifier Module P Q For Pg Valve And Ng10 Bosch RFQ
003N0063 Spare part thermostatic element avta Danfoss RFQ
003N0075 Spare part thermostatic element avta/b Danfoss RFQ
003N0278 Spare part thermostatic element avta/b Danfoss RFQ
0088060-004 Power Supply Kollmorgen RFQ
017-4229 66 welding nipple Danfoss RFQ
017-5135 66rt107 thermostat/2m cap tube/ 70 - 150 deg c Danfoss RFQ
017-5139 66rt107 thermostat/3m cap tube/ 70 - 150 deg c Danfoss RFQ
017-5144 66rt107 thermostat/8m cap tube/ 70 - 150 deg c Danfoss RFQ
017-5147 66rt102 thermostat/2m cap tube/ 25 - 90 deg c Danfoss RFQ
017-5191 66rt112 pressostat/ 0.1 - 1.1 Bar pe Danfoss RFQ
017-5193 66rt112 pressostat/ 0.1 - 1.1 Bar pe Danfoss RFQ
032U3005 99ev225b15bd g 12t nc000 Danfoss RFQ
032U4943 Ev310b 1.5B g 14f no040 Danfoss RFQ
032U8052 Ev260b 6.0B g 14t nc000 Danfoss RFQ
037H3521 Clip-on markers(100-off Danfoss RFQ
037N0054 Mci 15 dol. Motor contactor. 24-230 V Danfoss RFQ
047B3250 Rdh red/yel door handle cti 16-45m Danfoss RFQ
047H0171 Etb. On-delay timer. 4-160 Sec Danfoss RFQ
047H0175 Etb. On-delay timer. 0.5-20 Min Danfoss RFQ
060G6106 Mbs 1700-2211-1ab08. G 1/2 en 837 Danfoss RFQ
064982-001D Coil 110/120V 50/60Hz Asco RFQ
080-BF11V Contact block 10amp 660VAC 2N/O General Electric RFQ
080-LSVD Pilot Light General Electric RFQ
080-SMDN 2 position operator for selector switch black General Electric RFQ
0811-320-025 Check Valve Double Throttle Bosch RFQ
0811-405-076 Regulator Card Bosch RFQ
086370-001 Pc Board Pwa Ecpsr R.O. +15V,-15 Abb RFQ
09-30-016-0421 Hood Top Entry Harting RFQ
09-31-006-2601 Connector Harting RFQ
1.5S43F Trfmr dry 1ph 1.5Kva 120x240v-12/24v Schneider RFQ
100-A09ND3 3-pole magnetic contactor, 110/120vac Allen Bradley RFQ
100-C09A200 Iec 9 A Contactor Allen Bradley RFQ
1006737B Mtr skt 2 gang 200a 1ph solid Schneider RFQ
103X Monitor Fluke RFQ
120 310-001 Matrix 120, 1.2 Mp, Serial, Usb, 1D/2D, Esd Datalogic RFQ
14002-3 Terminal Block 3P 600V 115Aamp Barrier Bussmann RFQ
141530-01 Power Supply 3500/15with 110 to 220 vacnominal 85 ... Bently Nevada RFQ
146031-01 Transient data interface I/O module Bently Nevada RFQ
14C-218 Reversing Contactor Kit Reliance RFQ
14C-219 Auxiliary Contact Kit Reliance RFQ
14CSD-32BA Starter Size-0 120/240Vac 3Phase Siemens RFQ
14DF32AAA Motor starter, dual coil, 3PH, rated at 480V, 30A... Siemens RFQ
1590-4017 CPU Board Dcm Emerson RFQ
16321-3 Power Distribution Block 3Pole 600Vac/Dc 175A Bussmann RFQ
170M1368 Fuse 125A 690V 000/80 Ar Uc Bussmann RFQ
170M3815 Fuse 200Amp 660V Bussmann RFQ
19300100428 Heavy Duty Connector Hood Harting RFQ
1DI200Z-100 Transistor 200Amp 1000V Fuji Electric RFQ
1HC6003900R0001 Test Plug Handle Rtxh 18 / Rk926011-Ac Abb RFQ
1MRK001593-1 Contact crimping tool, 0.5-2.5 mm2, rated at 10A t... Abb RFQ
1SC250 Fuse Block Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
20313 Fuse Block 30Amp 3Pole 250V Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
20929-02 Proximator Transducer 190 Probe Type 18Vdc Bently Nevada RFQ
20963 Cable connector female/female 17pin 1ft 300v B And R RFQ
214A293-480 Under Voltage Control 480Vac 10%W/Drop Out Relay Asco RFQ
21504-0-20-10-02 8mm Proximity probe - 3/8-24, unthreaded length 0,... Bently Nevada RFQ
21508-02-12-05-02 Probe Proximity Vibration 8Mm Bently Nevada RFQ
21747-040-00 Sensor extension Cable Bently Nevada RFQ
2204E NS VH XX XX RF RF XX 2XX XXX XXXXX Temperature Controller 2Amp 100-240Vac42/62Hz 10W Eurotherm RFQ
2208 CC VH RH RC DB XX YN ENG Process Control Eurotherm RFQ
2208E CC VH H7 XX RF Temperature Controller 100-240Vac Output 2A Relay Eurotherm RFQ
2CCF012027R0001 S502-c63-n Abb RFQ
3000-33113-3020025 Micro safe + switch 24 VAC/DC, 3NO+1NC contact Murrelektronik RFQ
302-339 Valve Rebuild Kit Asco RFQ
30312 Fuse block with 30amp, 2 pole rated at 600v and ... Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
30322RAB Fuse Block 30Amp 2Pole 600V Rejection Type Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
30323RAB Fuse Block 30Amp 3Pole 600V Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
30353R Fuse Block 30Amp 3Pole 600Vac Class Cc Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
304A8465 Pc Board trigger Generator Board Trigger Card Ge Fanuc RFQ
309 778-xx readycable? adapter cable suitable for Heidenhain ... Heidenhain RFQ
3216I 1/16 DIN Indicator and alarm unit Eurotherm RFQ
376846-06 ROD 426 3600 01-03. Incremental rotary encoder wi... Heidenhain RFQ
3NC1Q0B22 Contactor Sc-2N (35) 200-220Vac 50/60Hz Magnetic Fuji Electric RFQ
400452 PITestop E-STOP/contact block incl. surface mount ... Pilz RFQ
44A719311-G02 Pc Board Pwc02 Power Control Ge Fanuc RFQ
44A732077-001R01 Breakout Board Pcr Pcs Ge Fanuc RFQ
45LM58D Timing Board Q45 Banner Engineering RFQ
47833 Pc Board Control Eurotherm RFQ
5000109-25 Cable Assembly Mini 3Pin M-F Ext 16/3 3Feet Crouse Hinds RFQ
50041598 RT 96M/R-1574-800-25, energetic diffuse sensor, su... Leuze RFQ
50107492 HRTR 55/66,200-S12 diffuse sensor with background ... Leuze RFQ
50112427 Forked photoelectric sensor, Supply voltage UB10 t... Leuze RFQ
50114876 HRTR 25B/66-XL-S12, Diffuse sensor with background... Leuze RFQ
502224 PSEN 2.1p-24/PSEN2.1-20/8mm/LED/EX, magnetic safet... Pilz RFQ
522126 PSEN 2.1A-20/8MM/5M, magnetic switch Pilz RFQ
525694A Adapter AC, class 2, transformer 120VAC, 60Hz, 8W Mitutoyo RFQ
533631-09 Adapter cable, 6.0 mm Heidenhain RFQ
56435 MASI68. Compact module di4 - 0.2 a (c) and 4? m8 Murrelektronik RFQ
56436 Masi68. I/o extension module 8 digital inputs and... Murrelektronik RFQ
56623 Cube 67 I/O extension module 8 digital inputs 8xM8 Murrelektronik RFQ
56640 Cube67 I/o Compact Module, 16 Multifunction Channe... Murrelektronik RFQ
5701-1 Tachometer 1000Ppr Fibre Output Eurotherm RFQ
5721 Operator Station Eurotherm RFQ
598.0508 Fuse 50Amp 500V Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
5CFCRD.1024-06 Compactflash 512 mb B And R RFQ
60608R Fuse Block 100Amp 3Pole 600V Class R Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
608.4117.503 Limit Switch Bernstein RFQ
61035R Fuse Block 100Amp 1Pole 600V Class R Adder Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
61036R Fuse Block 100Amp 1Pole 600V Class R Box Lug Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
61037J Fuse Block Class J Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
62001R Fuse Block 600Vac Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
62003J Fuse Block 200Amp 3Pole 600V Class J Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
62003R Fuse Block 200Amp 3Pole 600V Class R Copper Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
63133 Power Distribution Block 185Amp 3Pole 600Vac Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
63161 Distribution Block 95Amp 1Pole Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
63162 Distribution Block 95Amp 2Pole 4Awg Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
64001J Fuse Holder 1Pole Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
66031T Fuse Block 600Amp 1Pole 600V Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
66593 Fuse Block 175Amp 3Pole 600V Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
67023 Power Distribution Block Aluminium 3Pole Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
67112 Power Distribution Block Alum 2Pole 175Amp Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
67493 Fuse Block 380Amp 3Pole 600V Intermediate Cu/Al Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
67513 Fuse Block 350Amp 3Pole 600V Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
67598 Hybrid Field-bus Couplers Murrelektronik RFQ
69URD30TTF0050 Fuse Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
69URD30TTF0080 Fuse Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
6BODK-C3-URGG-31-TTC-315 Fuse 600Vac 315Amp Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
6KG1143020X1B1 Ac Drive, 20Hp, 460V Ge Fanuc RFQ
7-600 4-600Vac/Vdc Digital Low Impendence Fluke RFQ
7000-12221-2240300 Cable Assembly 3M Murrelektronik RFQ
70306 Fuse Block 30Amp 750V Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
719 100G Electric pressure calibrator Fluke RFQ
720A Divider High-Resolution Primary Ratio Standard Fluke RFQ
742A-1 Resistance Standard 1-Ohm Fluke RFQ
75920 Master disconnect switch, 6 VDC to 36 VDC, 400A Littelfuse RFQ
774314 PNOZ/X3, relay, safety, 3NO, rated at 110V24V, 110... Pilz RFQ
7DI00D-050EHR Power Module Fuji Electric RFQ
8050A Digital Benchtop Fluke RFQ
8060A General Automation-8060A Fluke RFQ
80I-500A Probe Current 1-500Amp 600V 5-10000Hz Fluke RFQ
819-B03-R16-61-16-10 BNS029K, Switch position IP67, rated at 6A, 250VAC... Balluff RFQ
8221-G005-120 Solenoid Valve 3/4 Npt 2-Way 120V/60Hz Asco RFQ
8521-HC-MT Input / output module, pac8000 hybrid controller Ge Fanuc RFQ
8600A True Rms Sensing Digital 4.5 Digits Fluke RFQ
8I74S200075.01P-1 ACOPOS inverter P74, 1x 200 to 240 V, 0.75 kW, int... B And R RFQ
900-2C610 Tm-c remote access module Vipa RFQ
9300105427 Protection cover, 10B, metal Harting RFQ
9380082601 Rectangular insert with 10 B, 4 position Harting RFQ
942008001 Spider II 8TX PoE Hirschmann RFQ
943935001 Full gigabit ethernet switch 9 ports -RS40-0009CCC... Hirschmann RFQ
950-0KB30 Profibus-dp plc programming cable Vipa RFQ
991-06-50-01-05 Transmitter full scale 0.6 -0- 0.6 mmsystem length... Bently Nevada RFQ
A03B-0819-C051 Analog input module, 4 point, 12 bit Fanuc RFQ
A05B-2452-C900 Fan unit outside air-servo Fanuc RFQ
A06B-6079-H106 AC Servo motor 283 to 325V, 9.1 kW, 230V, 52.2A Fanuc RFQ
A06B-6096-H301 Variateur servo amplifier, 283 to 325V Fanuc RFQ
A070URD32KI0630 Fuse 630Amp 700V Semiconductor Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
A100P250-4 Fuse 250Amp 1000V Semi-Conductor Amp-Trap Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
A100P50-4 Fuse 50Amp 1000Vac 750Vdc 100Ka Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
A2D600R Fuse 600Amp 250V Class Rk1 Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
A480R4R-1HE Fuse, 300 amp, 240/4800v, 50/60hz Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
A480R9R1 Fuse 4800V R-Rated Fuse 9R Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
A4BY400 Fuse 400Amp 600V Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
A50L-0001-0096 A Semiconductor 75Amp 600V Fuji Electric RFQ
A50L-0001-0109M Power Block 120Amp 600V Fuji Electric RFQ
A50P1000-4 Fuse 1000A 500Vac Very Fast Acting Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
A50P175-4 Fuse 175Amp 500V Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
A50P350-4 Fuse 350Amp 500Vac/Dc Semiconductor Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
A50P40 Fuse 40Amp 500V Semiconductor Type 4 Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
A50P40-4 Fuse Semi Bladed 40A 500Vac/Dc Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
A50P600 Fuse 600Amp 500V Semiconductor Type 4 Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
A50QS125-4R Fuse 125Amp 500V Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
A60Q30 Fuse 30Amp Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
A60X100-4 Fuse 100Amp 600V Type 4 Semiconductor Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
A6K60R Fuse 60Amp 600Vac Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
A6Y800-4 Fuse 800Amp 600Vac Type 4 Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
A70P50-4 Fuse 50Amp 700V Very Fast Acting Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
A70P600-4 Fuse 600Amp 700Vac Very Fast Acting Round/Blade Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
AC2024 Interface Bus System As-I To Fc And Sc Ifm RFQ
AC2459 AS-Interface CompactLine module Ifm RFQ
ACSNO-366-SB-C3001 Cam Switch 6 Position Idec RFQ
ADS-15524 Power Supply 24Vdc 6.5Amp W/5Vdc 34A Dc Converter Meanwell RFQ
AG-10 Fuse 10Amp Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
AH164-M5B22 Pushbutton Mushroom Black 2No/2Nc Fuji Electric RFQ
AH165-2P1B22 Selector Switch 16Mm 3Pos Spring Return 2No 2Nc Fuji Electric RFQ
AH165-TL5G33E3 Pushbutton Flush Rectangle Green Led 24Vdc 3No/3Nc Fuji Electric RFQ
AH25-P3-11 Selector Switch 3-Position W/1-No&1-Nc Contact Fuji Electric RFQ
AJT-350 Fuse 350Amp 600V Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
ALS-300 Fuse 300Amp 125V Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
AM-S978-000 Modem Module Dual Modicon RFQ
APJ-6375 Plug 60Amp 3Pole 3Wire Crouse Hinds RFQ
AR22G4L-11E4G Pushbutton Illum 22Mm 24V Incan Fuji Electric RFQ
AR22M0R-11Y Pushbutton Mushroom Yellow 1No/1Nc Fuji Electric RFQ
AR30E0L-10E3G Pushbutton Extend Round Green 24Vac/Dc 1No Fuji Electric RFQ
ARE36 Back Box Are36 Crouse Hinds RFQ
AS-5B34P01A Module Input -100 To +100 4Hz Bandwidth Modicon RFQ
AS-8533-002 Modicon Analog Connector Set Modicon RFQ
AS-8533-003 Analog Connector Set Modicon RFQ
ATDR1 Fuse, 1 A, 600 V Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
ATDR10 Fuse, 10 A, 600 V Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
ATDR20 Fuse, 20 A, 600V Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
ATDR3 Fuse, 3 A, 600 V Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
ATDR5 Fuse, 5 A, 600 V Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
ATDR6 Fuse, 6A Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
ATDR8 Fuse, 8 Amp, 600V, Class Cc Ferraz Shawmut RFQ
ATMR1 Fuse, class CC, 1A, 600V Ferraz Shawmut RFQ

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